2d shape powerpoint lesson


2d shape powerpoint lesson – If you are unsure of the correct 2D shape names and properties, this lesson has it all for you! A direct instruction PowerPoint lesson with 102 slides. A very interactive and engaging lesson. Updated 11/03/24

2d shape powerpoint lesson includes;
  • 2d shapes included; circle, square, triangle, oval, star, rhombus, crescent, heart, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, rectangle, trapezoid and parallelogram
  • Now includes; heptagon, nonagon and decagon
  • learning intentions, success criteria and tune in
  • shape name slides
  • shape property vocabulary slides * now includes number prefixes
  • shape properties of each shape explained
  • shape sort activity
  • real world shape pictures section
  • shape hunt activity
  • fun check for understanding activity (e.g. name this shape and guess my shape!)
You can use this slide to TEACH the shape names and properties and then reuse it as a warm-up on a weekly basis!
Please check the slideshow first. Use in slide show mode. When you press the space bar, arrow or mouse button, some words will appear. Use the shape sort outside of slideshow mode.
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