3d shape descriptions


3d shape descriptions – PowerPoint lesson with 134 slides.

Using the correct 3D shape names, vocabulary and describing them can be tricky for students (and even adults who have forgotten such things!). This lesson explains all concepts for you in an easy step-by-step manner. PowerPoint lesson with 134 slides. Edited 7/3/24
3d shape descriptions PowerPoint lesson includes;
  • Shapes included – sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, rectangular prism, square-based pyramid, triangular pyramid, triangular prism, hemisphere, hexagonal prism, hexagonal pyramid, octagonal prism, octagonal pyramid, pentagonal prism
  • Vocabulary explained – vertex, vertices, edge, face, prism
  • Activities – guessing game, drawing shapes and shape hunts
  • Partner discussion slides
  • Checking for understanding slides
  • Extension idea slides 3x
  • Success criteria and learning outcomes provided
  • When you use the lesson in slide show mode and press the space key or mouse button, some answers (words or pictures) will appear. You may wish to go through this first but it is very easy to just use!
  • Suitable for grades one and two but could be used for pre-primary if they are ready for extension and learning 3d shape names, or grade three students as a revision and daily warm-up to more complex geometrical lessons!

Thanks and enjoy!

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