Addition Worksheets Grade 1


Addition Worksheets Grade 1 – Are you looking for a no prep bundle of addition worksheets to cover you for a whole year? This product is a massive 197 (this includes the answer key) page worksheet bundle. Differentiated options are included and a variety of addition strategies are included. Designed for grade 1 students. These are high-quality worksheets with specific outcomes in mind.

It includes:
  • Answer key (this will save your time)
  • 197 pages (includes cover pages and answer key)
  • Types of activities – count the collection (of pictures), vertical problems, horizontal problems, number stories, calculator sums, missing addends, adding 0, 10 and 20 to a given number and more
  • Strategies – using a number line, counting pictures (or using counters), counting on, using a 100’s chart, partitioning numbers, finding the ten, doubling and more
  • Differentiated pages – activities are differentiated by using smaller numbers (for the same concept) and sometimes having less problems to a page.
  • Show the page on your smart board and work through the sums together (I can do this with a pdf document on the smart board and most have this capacity)
  • Show the answer key on your smart board and have students partner mark to further save your time and discuss the answers together in your class (number talks!)
  • Can be used for struggling Year 2 students or for early morning revision for Year 2 students (I do this in my own Year 2 classroom!)
  • This product can last you one year if you are also covering other mathematical concepts in the curriculum (e.g. geometry, measurement, data).
  • This is a digital product (not a hard copy).
  • Please check your printer settings prior to printing (e.g. fit to page or print in printable area). A4 product but can be enlarged to A3.
This is a very handy resource for differentiated learning centres or morning number practise!
Aligns to the Australian Curriculum: AC9MIN02, MC(MIN04, AC9MIN05.
Aligns to the W.A. Curriculum: Year 1 – Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies, including counting on, partitioning and rearranging parts. 
I hope you find this useful.
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