ANGER MANAGEMENT Small Group Counselling Curriculum – Elementary School


“Keep Your Cool” is an ASCA-aligned small group counseling curriculum, specifically designed for elementary school children aged 5 to 11. It offers an array of dynamic, engaging, and interactive activities aimed at helping children effectively manage their anger while enhancing their emotional regulation and interpersonal skills.


“Keep Your Cool” effectively aligns with ASCA mindset and behavior standards, offering a comprehensive approach to emotional well-being. It provides a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their emotions, learn effective coping strategies, and foster healthier relationships, all within an interactive and engaging 6 session format.

This Curriculum Includes:

  • Note to Counselors
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Group Session Overview
  • ASCA Mindset and Behavior STANDARDS
  • Binder Cover Page & Spine Options
  • Teacher Nominations and Follow Up Forms
  • Parent/Guardian Letter and Consent Form
  • Group Planning Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Group Member Reminders
  • Group Attendance Record
  • Student Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Teacher Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Additional Data Collection
  • Confidentiality Sign
  • Passes – Hall, Class, Counselor, Social Worker & Psychologist
  • Student Desk Reminders
  • Counselor Chats Handout
  • Certificates

Below are the specific details for each individual session which can be used in isolation or as a comprehensive curriculum.


Comprising SIX SESSIONS, each tailored to address specific aspects of anger-related issues, this program equips children with invaluable life skills.


1.Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to Anger Management (Exploring Triggers) – In this foundational session, children are introduced to the group and the concept of anger management. Through thoughtful discussions and interactive activities, participants explore their anger triggers, gaining valuable insights into what makes them angry and how they respond to it.

2.Session 2: Rainbow Emotional Regulation – In the second session, children delve into the concept of emotional regulation using the metaphor of a rainbow. They learn to recognize various emotional states, understand what these emotions look and feel like, and explore how to achieve emotional balance through engaging and interactive activities.

3.Session 3: Red and Green Choice Behavior Choices – Session 3 centers on helping children distinguish between “red” (unhelpful) and “green” (helpful) behavior choices when they experience anger. Through interactive games and exercises, participants reinforce the importance of making constructive choices in dealing with their anger.

4.Session 4: Helping and Hurting Hands (Physical Aggression) – The fourth session introduces the concept of helping and hurting hands, focusing on addressing physical aggression. Children engage in interactive activities designed to explore alternatives to physical aggression and learn how to express their anger safely.

5.Session 5: Dragon Breaths (Deep Breathing) – In Session 5, deep breathing is presented as an effective coping strategy for anger management. Through activities like “Dragon Breaths,” participants practice deep breathing techniques, empowering them to control their emotional responses constructively.

6.Session 6: Keep Your Cool Calming Strategies, Termination, and Review – The program culminates in the sixth session, where children learn various calming strategies to manage their anger, including visualization, counting, or using a designated “calm down” corner. This final session also serves as an opportunity for participants to review what they’ve learned throughout the program. To reinforce their newly acquired skills, children engage in a creative “cool down ice-cream craft,” making this curriculum not only informative but fun and memorable.

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