ANGER MANAGEMENT Small Group Counselling Curriculum – Middle School


“Keep Your Cool” is an ASCA-aligned counseling curriculum designed for middle school students aged 11-14. This comprehensive program features engaging and interactive activities to help students manage anger, improve emotional regulation, and enhance interpersonal skills.


“Keep Your Cool” provides a comprehensive approach to emotional well-being. It creates a safe and supportive space for students to explore emotions, learn effective coping strategies, and foster healthier relationships within an interactive and engaging small group format.


This Curriculum Includes:

  • Note to Counselors
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Group Session Overview
  • ASCA Mindset and Behavior STANDARDS
  • Binder Cover Page & Spine Options
  • Teacher Nominations and Follow Up Forms
  • Parent/Guardian Letter and Consent Form
  • Group Planning Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Group Member Reminders
  • Group Attendance Record
  • Student Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Teacher Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Additional Data Collection
  • Confidentiality Sign
  • Passes – Hall, Class, Counselor, Social Worker & Psychologist
  • Student Desk Reminders
  • Counselor Chats Handout
  • Certificates

Below are the specific details for each individual session which can be used in isolation or as a comprehensive curriculum.


Comprising of EIGHT SESSIONS tailored to address specific aspects of anger-related issues, this program equips students with essential life skills:

  1. Session 1: Welcome & Introduction to Anger Management Students are introduced to the group’s purpose and the importance of anger management. Expectations for the coming weeks are discussed.
  2. Session 2: Recognizing Physical and Emotional Responses This session focuses on identifying the physical and emotional signs of anger in themselves, a crucial step in managing anger effectively.
  3. Session 3: Triggers and Warning Signs Students explore various triggers and warning signs that lead to anger, helping them proactively manage their reactions.
  4. Session 4: In and Out of My Control The concept of control and responsibility in anger management is explored. Students differentiate between what they can control and what they cannot.
  5. Session 5: Problem Solving Effective problem-solving techniques for addressing anger-provoking issues are taught. The session emphasizes the importance of resolving problems constructively.
  6. Session 6: Helpful vs Unhelpful Thoughts Students learn to recognize how their thoughts can escalate or defuse anger, distinguishing between helpful and unhelpful thought patterns.
  7. Session 7: Coping Skills Participants are introduced to a range of coping skills and strategies for managing anger, teaching practical techniques for staying calm in challenging situations.
  8. Session 8: Termination & Review In the final session, students review key concepts and skills acquired throughout the program. They reflect on their progress and set goals for managing anger in the future.
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