ANXIETY Small Group Counselling Curriculum – 13 Sessions – HIGH SCHOOL


Our “Beating My Worries Group “ is a comprehensive, engaging, CBT and research-based small group counseling curriculum tailored to high school students. This Anxiety Management Small group counseling curriculum is thoughtfully aligned with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards.

This enriching program is thoughtfully designed to empower participants with valuable skills for understanding and managing anxiety effectively. The curriculum unfolds over 13 engaging sessionsfostering self-awareness, emotional regulation, and strategies to conquer worries.


  • Note to Counselors
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Group Session Overview
  • ASCA Mindset and Behavior STANDARDS
  • Binder Cover Page & Spine Options
  • Teacher Nominations and Follow Up Forms
  • Parent/Guardian Letter and Consent Form
  • Group Planning Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Group Member Reminders
  • Group Attendance Record
  • Student Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Teacher Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Additional Data Collection
  • Confidentiality Sign
  • Passes – Hall, Class, Counselor, Social Worker & Psychologist
  • Student Desk Reminders
  • Counselor Chats Handout
  • Certificates

Our “Beating My Worries Group” curriculum is dedicated to fostering self-awareness, promoting emotional resilience, and equipping participants with lifelong skills to overcome anxiety. In a nurturing and engaging environment, students embark on a transformative journey toward managing their worries effectively and building emotional well-being.

Below are the specific details for each individual session which can be used in isolation or as a comprehensive curriculum.

  • Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Group In this session, students are warmly welcomed to the Beating My Worries Group.
  • Session 2: All About Anxiety Participants delve into the fundamentals of anxiety, gaining insights into what anxiety is, how it manifests, and its individualized impact.
  • Session 3: Anxiety Triggers This session deepens students’ understanding of anxiety triggers. Through artistic expression and self-reflection, participants visually identify and express their unique triggers.
  • Session 4: My Panic Button The session explores the body’s response to anxiety, including the anxiety and stress continuum. Participants differentiate between panic attacks and general anxiety while being introduced to anxiety-affirming techniques.
  • Session 5: Worries Brain Dump Students explore the concept of a worries brain dump, create their own brain dump craft, and engage in a visualization exercise to empower themselves to regain control over worries.
  • Session 6: Cognitive Triangle (Thoughts-Feelings-Actions) This session delves into the cognitive triangle, illustrating the interplay between thoughts, feelings, and actions in anxiety. Participants gain insights into thought patterns contributing to anxiety.
  • Session 7: The Power of Thoughts Students explore negative and unhelpful thought patterns, learning to challenge and reframe them. Hands-on activities reinforce mindful reframing techniques, empowering them to harness the power of thoughts.
  • Session 8: What’s In and Out of My Control (Locus of Control) Participants gain clarity on the concept of locus of control, distinguishing what is within their control and what lies beyond it in anxiety-provoking situations, fostering a sense of empowerment.
  • Session 9: Choosing to Let Go This session encourages students to become pilots of their worries, distinguishing between helpful and unhelpful worries. The concept of emergency oxygen masks is introduced, emphasizing self-care strategies and the significance of letting go.
  • Session 10: Coping Strategies Participants explore helpful and unhelpful coping skills for managing stress and challenges. They create personal reference folders for coping strategies and engage in a coping skills relay, enhancing practical skills for stress management.
  • Session 11: Mindful Moments Students learn to cultivate mindfulness in the moment and various environments. Mindful breathing techniques and observation exercises are introduced, promoting presence and awareness in daily life.
  • Session 12: Stress Management This session addresses stress’s impact on mental well-being and emphasizes the importance of self-care for recharging. Participants identify activities that recharge them and discuss self-care strategies to manage anxiety effectively.
  • Session 13: Termination and Review The final session provides an opportunity for reflection and review. Key concepts and skills acquired throughout the Beating My Worries Group are revisited and celebrated.
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