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Our ANZAC Day Bundle brings together our top selling resources at a huge discount for you. They will help you to differentiate for all the learners in your room.

ANZAC Day PowerPoint of Facts

21 pages

• This is a zipped file which contains the PowerPoint and a PDF for printing.

• ANZAC Day is an important part of Australian and New Zealand history – one we share that has shaped our countries with mateship, perseverance and honour. We need to share the history of ANZAC Day with future generations.

• This PowerPoint will assist in building an understanding of ANZAC Day and why we hold it as an important part of our history and acknowledge it every year.

• Use this ANZAC Day as a PowerPoint and share with your grade.

Discuss each slide and ask questions about their understanding.


ANZAC Day Year 3/4

72 pages

This day is a huge part of our Australian and New Zealand shared history. It is a huge responsibility to make sure we engage our students in this recognition and commemoration of this event. This pack will assist in building their knowledge and understanding of the sacrifices that have been made.

Tasks include –

• Word Wall – brainstorm words with your students and record them on the colour or black or white versions. Use these words to add to your writing sessions.

• Adjectives – Brainstorm with your grade words to use as adjectives to describe each photo. Then use to write a sentence about the photo. Edit, refine and then publish.

• Symbols – Read the information provided on Slouch hat, Wreath, Last Post, Medals, Poppies and answer the questions

• Reading tasks – What is ANZAC Day? ‘The Ode’, ‘Flanders Fields’, War Memorials. Read the information and answer the questions

• Interview – If you could interview a ‘digger’ what would you ask? Record on the template provided

• Personality traits of a digger

• Wordfind – locate and colour the words found

• Mapping – Locate Australia, New Zealand, Turkey – locate and colour

• ANZAC Biscuits – History of ANZAC biscuits.

• A recipe to make these biscuits with a recount template


ANZAC Day Reading and Writing Tasks F-2

44 pages

ANZAC Day is an important day in Australian and New Zealand History. April 25 marks the day to remember the people who were lost and families who were changed forever. This pack is for early learners to begin to develop an appreciation of this significant day.

This pack includes

Background notes and suggested books to read

Word Work

• How many words can you make from Australian and New Zealand Army Corps?

• A recording sheet to write down your words

Work on Writing

• Record my thoughts about ANZAC Day

• Recount of an ANZAC Day March you have attended

• What is the significance of the wreath?

• What symbols are associated with ANZAC Day?

• Complete a Venn Diagram on flags from Australia and New Zealand


• PMI facts about ANZAC Day (positive, minus and interesting)

• Alphabet Key – use words or phrases to describe this day

• I see, I think, I wonder about the symbols, traditions or history

• Read ‘Only a Donkey’ – list the animals in the story

• ANZAC Fact Chart

• ANZAC Day 3-2-1

• “Only a Donkey’ – response sheet

• Read ‘My Grandad Marches on ANZAC DAY’ – complete a character map, story board and beginning/middle/ending

• Templates for the above tasks that can be used for any books you may read based on ANZAC Day

• Small share book


• Make a flag for Australian and New Zealand


ANZAC DAY – Book Tasks for any Book

56 pages

These tasks can be used with any ANZAC DAY themed book. They can be used by completing them individually or in a small group and then make presentations to the grade. Some ANZAC DAY books are challenging for some students as they can be quite emotional. Make sure they are supported and have many discussions about the content of books shared about ANZAC DAY.

• What I know – What I want to know – How will I find it out – My new learning – three formats

• Word Focus – record new words and find out what they mean

• Compare two books

• Sequencing – two versions

• Text Connections – two versions

• Word splash – on a book

• Character Traits – three prompts

• My ANZAC DAY story– add pictures to the side

• The saddest part of the story

• Summary

• Recount – main idea – two versions

• Create a story

• Compare beginning and end

• Interactive page for beginning, middle and end

• Change the ending

• Add a new character

• Devise questions

• I see, I think, I wonder

• Persuade people to read the book

• Making lists

• Design a new cover

• Suggestions please

• Setting, characters, complications and resolutions

• DeBono’s Hats

• Character Traits

• Conversations

• Point of view



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