Area Model Multiplication Game for Multiplication Fact Fluency Practice & Understanding


If your students enjoy fun, engaging and visual multiplication games they will love this resource. They will also develop multiplication fact fluency while using the area model. Differentiation can easily be built in by changing the dice used.

Students roll two dice and multiply the two numbers. They then color squares on the game board to represent the numbers in rows and columns. They finish their turn by writing it as a multiplication equation. The aim is for students to see how close they can get to having all 400 squares colored.

What is included

  • A game board that can be printed and written on. It can also be laminated and written on again and again.
  • Instruction page that comes in a color version as well as a black & white versio


It can be used

  • during math lessons
  • as math centers
  • with students needing 1:1 support in intervention sessions
  • it could be sent home for students to play at home
  • during free choice times
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