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If you’re after something a bit different and a bit fun for your Aussie classroom, here is a set of alphabet posters with an Australian theme! Each letter is represented by something uniquely Australian.

The digitally drawn images cover Australian animals, landmarks, food, sport and Indigenous culture, just for Aussie culture in the classroom! Check out what’s included.|
The following pictures are included for the alphabet:

A- Acacia (wattle)
B- Bunjil
C – Cricket
D – Devil (Tassie)
E- Emu
F- Fairy Bread
G- Gumnuts
H – Harbour Bridge
I – Ice Creams
J – Jellyfish
K – Koala
L – Lamington
M – Magpie
N – Numbat
O – Opera House
P – Platypus
Q – Quokka
R – Reef
S – Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
T – The First Peoples of Australia
U – Uluru
V – Vegemite
W – Wombat
X- Xyris Gracilis (type of flower)
Y – Yarra River (Melbourne)
Z – Zooper Dooper

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