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Who doesn’t love a good set of task cards? They allow for easy differentiation, are great for incorporating into games (eg scoot, naughts and crosses, partner quizzes, a giant floor board game…) and students feel like they have more ownership over what they do. So why not add a set of Counting Australian Money task cards to your arsenal? This is a versatile set of 36 task cards that give students practice on a range of skills involved in counting money. Suitable for Year 2 and 3 Australian Curriculum.

Topics covered include:

  • different ways to make key amounts
  • making amounts without specified coins or notes (reasoning with money)
  • using the least amount of coins to make an amount
  • how much to buy multiple items (half not regrouping cents, half regrouping cents)
  • making change from under and over $10


Meets Australian Curriculum Maths V9:

  • Year 2:ย AC9M2N06
  • Year 3:ย AC9M3M06
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