BUNDLE Complementary Supplementary Angles WARM UP WORKSHEETS Math Review Activity

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Students need to learn the difference between complementary and supplementary angles, so that they can find the value of unknown angles without using a protractor.

The Complementary & Supplementary Angles Rapid Recall Routine will provide 7-10 minutes of engaging daily practice for your students to recite, recall and apply their knowledge and understanding of complementary and Supplementary angles.

Rapid Recall Routines are a quick way to revise, review and reinforce concepts to ensure long-term retention.

This Rapid Recall Routine can be used as a whole class warm up, a small group consolidation session or for individual practice and revision. The slides can be used as a digital presentation or printed and used as flash cards.

Included in this BUNDLE are the worksheets that support the learning from the Complementary & Supplementary Angles Rapid Recall Routine.

These worksheets will help students learn and remember the definitions of complementary and supplementary angles. They will Write & Recite, Recall & Revise the definitions and value of complementary and supplementary angles as well as a memory clue to aid memorisation. Students will then Apply & Extend their knowledge and understanding to identify complementary and supplementary angles and calculate the measurement of the unknown angle without using a protractor.

The worksheets can be completed in class or as homework and are great for differentiating the content taught within your classroom.

42 Slides / 3 Worksheets + Answers

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