BUNDLE Distributive, Associative & Commutative Worksheets & matching PPt Lesson


The perfect pair for teaching how to apply the computation properties of DISTRIBUTIVE, COMMUTATIVE and ASSOCIATIVE laws of multiplication! You get worksheets/notes that match PERFECTLY to the PowerPoint Lesson and lesson plan! Your students will develop the skills to multiply numbers in their heads using these three laws!
WORKSHEET/NOTES (Print and Digital)
This collection of worksheets does the hard work for you, providing definitions with worked examples, strategies and questions for practicing. But wait… there’s more… it comes with a completely DIFFERENTIATED and DIGITAL version as well!
Includes an explanation of the concept of the three laws, which is perfect to use as a teaching tool during the explicit phase of your lesson.
Contains practice questions for students to develop their understanding of each law.
Each page has been differentiated to ensure that every student in your class can be successful!
This 34-slide PowerPoint lesson and matching lesson plan does the hard work for you, providing definitions with worked examples, strategies and questions for practicing.
Includes definitions, explanations and questions for each law. This is best delivered over two lessons (70min each) – Commutative and Associative in one lesson and a 70min lesson dedicated to Distributive.
The PowerPoint lesson has editable features that include:
– Class information on the first slide- perfect to add your name and class details ie. Miss Sutton’s 7F Maths class! Term 1 Lesson 4.
Lesson Intent and Success Criteria headings can be edited to match your classroom vocabulary.
Fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum  – Content Descriptor – Number and Algebra – Number and Place Value – Apply the associative, commutative and distributive laws to aid mental and written computation (ACMNA151)
Product Includes
  • Total of 9 printable pages = 4 x pages at year level (1x associative, 1 x commutative, 2 x distributive)  5 x pages of differentiated (1x associative, 1 x commutative, 3 x distributive)
  • ANSWERS included
  • Digital and printable version included – PDF


  • Total of 34 slides you will see there is 80+ slides on the document – this is so animations could work after being flattened for copyright purposes.
  • PDF lesson plan with editable differentiation column
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