BUNDLE – Ordering and Comparing Fractions – POWERPOINT WORKSHEET SET

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The perfect pair for teaching students how to compare and order fractions with different denominators! You get worksheets/notes that PERFECTLY match the structure and graphic notes in the PowerPoint Lesson and lesson plan! Your students will develop the skills and knowledge to identify greater than and less than fractions with different denominators and place fractions on a number line.
PowerPoint Lesson with matching student worksheets:
This 20-slide PowerPoint and matching lesson plan does the hard work for you, providing step-by-by step explicit instructions with worked examples, strategies and questions for practicing.


Lesson intent and success criteria
Revision of the parts of fractions
– Step-by-step explicit instruction on:
  • equivalent fractions
  • ordering fractions with different denominators on a number line
  • comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators
Guided Practice questions to develop skills. Activities include:
  • sorting activity – equivalent fractions
  • multiple choice questions – equivalent fractions
  • ordering fractions on a number
  • True or false – greater than and less than fractions with different denominators
  • ordering four fractions with different denominators

The PowerPoint has editable features that include:
– Class information on the first slide- perfect to add your name and class details ie. Miss Sutton’s 7F Maths class! Term 1 Lesson 4.
Lesson Intent and Success Criteria headings can be edited to match your classroom vocabulary.
The matching lesson plan is perfect addition that delves into the teaching practices that can be implemented while you are presenting the lesson.
It has an editable differentiation column where you can add in specific needs for your class.

Product Includes

PowerPoint Zipped file
  • Total of 20 slides you will see there is 70+ slides on the document – this is so animations could work after being flattened for copyright purposes.
  • PDF lesson plan with editable differentiation column
  • Editable and non-editable PowerPoint
  • Instructions “How to download fonts for editable Ppt”
Worksheet Zipped file
  • 6 x printable PDF worksheets (3x at level 3 x differentiated)
  • Answers
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