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The Christmas Story: Mini Book and More
✨ This resource is your ticket to a immersing your students in The Christmas Story that not only sparkles but also enlightens. Your students will create The Nativity Scene, Assemble mini books, use sequence cards the order the Birth of Jesus and exposure to a variety of worksheets (comprehension questions, unjumble words and more).
Benefits for Teachers:
Sacred Sequencing Spectacle: Delve into the depths of the Christmas story with sequencing cards that guide your students through the sacred chronicles. No more cosmic confusion; these cards ensure the tale unfolds in divine order.
Nativity Crafting Communion: Transform your classroom into a sanctuary of creativity. Let students craft their own nativity scenes, an artistic homage to the sacred story that brings the Christmas spirit to life in the classroom.
Word Jumbling Revelation: Ignite linguistic enlightenment! Students embark on a journey of unjumbling sacred words, connecting them to the heart of the Christmas story. It’s a language arts quest with a heavenly twist.
Passage Pondering Pilgrimage: Journey through the Christmas passage with thoughtful questions and fill-in-the-blanks that illuminate the religious significance of the season. It’s not just reading; it’s a pilgrimage through the sacred words that define the essence of Christmas.
Mini Book Miracle: Witness the miracle of comprehension as students explore the Christmas story through a mini book—available in color, black and white, and a hands-on version for an immersive experience. It’s not just a mini book; it’s a sacred scripture in pint-sized form.
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