Colourful Semantics Recount Writing


This activity will help you to support students in writing a detailed recount of a family holiday, a school event, or something that happened over the weekend. Using colourful semantics, this recount writing graphic organiser helps students gather their ideas and add specific details. This ready-to-use resource is ideal for students in grades 1-3. The template is a simple and effective scaffold. Make supporting young writers add detail to their recounts even easier! As well as scaffolding students with colourful semantics, there is also a graphic organiser using the 5 senses to add further detail. 
There are 3 versions of the recount graphic organiser to make differentiation easy in your learning space. The pages include different levels of colourful semantics words, depending on how much your students can write. Each page has a picture box for students to draw an image of what happened, supporting their visual memory.
This activity is perfect for modelling recount writing during your explicit teaching instruction. The clear graphic organiser makes it easy for students to follow along. Help all young writers in your learning space feel successful by introducing this resource at the beginning of a recount writing unit!
Here is what’s included in this resource:
  • Page 1 – who, doing, when, where
  • Page 2 – when, who, doing, what, where, describe
  • Page 3 – who, describe, doing, where, what, when, how, with who
  • Page 4 – Use the 5 senses to add further details
  • Page 5 – dotted thirds line writing page
You can download this resource in black and white or colour, depending on your printing needs.
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