Creative Writing Sentence Starter Prompts: Time Travel


This creative writing activity provides students with thematic narrative writing sentence starter choices. Rather than traditional writing prompts, these sentence starter strips give students options to continue the creative story based on a writing prompt. With 10 pages of prompts and choices, students will be engaged in their creative writing activity, with their imaginations sparked by the sentence starter strips. This printable writing activity pack uses a time-travel theme to set the scene for young writers to begin their story-telling.

These creative writing activity worksheets will enhance students’ story-telling skills through engaging writing prompts and sentence-starter strip choices. 

Students will build confidence in writing as they finish the story using the writing prompt. The ready-to-use sentence starters give students the confidence to continue the story.

Perfect for grades 3-6, this resource can be used as an independent activity or a group writing task to inspire students to write creatively and develop narrative writing skills.

Here are some benefits of using this resource in your learning space:
  • Encourages students to write creatively
  • Provides narrative writing story prompts and ideas
  • Engages students in fun and interactive writing tasks
  • Three sentence strips to choose from to continue the story

Watch as students enjoy short story writing! The printable sentence strips make coming up with ideas easy! Enjoy your writing lesson without hearing a single student saying “I don’t know what to write”.

To use this resource in your classroom, all you need to do is print the worksheet packet. Students can either work independently or collaborate in a group with this creative story-writing task.

Although this is a simple activity, students will find it highly motivating to use the sentence strip choices to help them with creative writing. This is a simple yet effective story-writing template.

Students will need scissors and glue to cut and paste the sentence strip. Then, students can continue writing the story.

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