DIVORCE & SEPARATION LESSON – Family Changes 3D Houses


Divorce can be a challenging experience for children, impacting their emotions, routines, and sense of stability. This counseling resource aims to provide support and guidance for children navigating divorce or separation.

Through a combination of creative activities, discussions, and reflection, children are empowered to express their feelings, build resilience, and develop coping strategies in a fun and engaging way.


  • Tip Sheet: Simple and reassuring tips for children to cope with divorce, emphasizing validation of feelings, open communication, and self-care.
  • Creative Visualization: A visualization guides children through a calming and empowering visualization exercise, fostering resilience and self-expression.
  • Reflection and Discussion Cards: Thoughtful prompts for reflection and discussion, encouraging children to explore their emotions, experiences, and hopes related to divorce in a supportive group setting.
  • 3D House Crafts: Engaging craft activity where children color and decorate 3D paper houses, using them as a metaphor for their living situation or emotional state. This hands-on activity allows for creative expression and exploration of complex feelings.
  • Self-Care Strategy Cards: Cards featuring simple self-care strategies tailored for children, promoting emotional well-being and resilience during times of change and transition.
  • End of Lesson Reflection Questions: Ten simple and reflective questions to guide children in processing their learning and experiences from the session, encouraging self-awareness and insight.

This resource provides a comprehensive approach to supporting children through the challenges of divorce, integrating creative expression, emotional exploration, and self-care strategies to foster healing and growth.

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