Elkonin Sound Box Worksheets for Sound Mapping and Phoneme-Grapheme Activities


⭐ Searching for a practical and effective way to enhance your students’ phonemic awareness and spelling skills with Elkonin Boxes? These printable and reusable ‘Sound Mapping’ and ‘Phoneme-Grapheme Activities’ are easy to set up and can be used as a whole class activity, in spelling rotations, independently or during small intensive group work. It is great for practicing phonemic awareness in ‘Grades 1-6‘.

Based on the Science of Reading it says that connecting phonemes (sounds) to graphemes (letters) supports students with orthographic mapping.



Easy to Use Structure: Hear it, Say it, Tap it, Build it, Read it!

  • Instructions and an example are included!



⭐ Includes the Following Resources 

Single-Line Elkonin Boxes

  1. Word Practice: Elkonin Boxes 3 Phonemes – Portrait – 2
  2. Word Practice: Elkonin Boxes 4 Phonemes – Portrait – 2
  3. Word Practice: Elkonin Boxes 5 Phonemes – Portrait – 2
  4. Word Practice: Elkonin Boxes 6 Phonemes – Portrait – 2
  5. Word Practice: Elkonin Boxes 7 Phonemes – Landscape – 1
  6. Word Practice: Elkonin Boxes 8 Phonemes – Landscape – 1


A4 Elkonin Boxes

  1. Spelling Activity: Elkonin Boxes 10 Phonemes – Portrait
  2. Spelling Activity: Elkonin Boxes 10 Phonemes – Landscape



  1. Spelling Activity: 12 Sound Pyramids – 3 Phoneme Boxes Wide
  2. Spelling Activity: 12 Sound Pyramids – 4 Phoneme Boxes Wide
  3. Spelling Activity: 6 Sound Pyramids – 5 Phoneme Boxes Wide


Word Manipulation

  1. Word Activity: Manipulating Phonemes – 5 Phoneme Boxes Wide


Sentence Practice

  1. Word Use: – 7 phonemes – Years 1-2: Simple Sentences
  2. Word Use: – 7 phonemes – Years 3-4: Compound Sentences
  3. Word Use: – 7 phonemes – Years 5-6: Complex Sentences



⭐ Product Highlights:

  • Engaging for intensive or independent practice!
  • Laminate for durable, daily practice in student spelling folders or tucked/staped into workbooks!
  • Suitable for various year levels and student abilities! (See Preview)


⭐ Benefits of Elkonin Boxes:

  1. Develop phonemic awareness by isolating and hearing individual sounds.
  2. Improve phonological processing and spelling accuracy.
  3. Versatile resource for targeting specific phoneme patterns.
  4. Engage students with evidence-based best practice!



Additional Details:

  • PDF format
  • Printable templates
  • Whiteboard/smartboard friendly – display for students to see
  • Activity workbook style – glue into workbooks


  • Laminate for daily reuse – SAVE PAPER and workbook space!
Sold By: Mrs Wills Primary Resources


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