EMOTIONS & FACIAL EXPRESSIONS – Cut & Paste School Counselling Activity


This is a perfect resource crafted for school counselors, speech therapists, and educators seeking to delve into the world of emotions and facial expressions with their students.

Immerse your students with an engaging activity to support emotional literacy! This hands-on activity supports students in recognizing and expressing a broad spectrum of emotions.

This resource is particularly helpful for students requiring additional support in comprehending and interpreting the nuances of facial expressions.

Specifically designed to nurture essential social skills, it empowers students to navigate the subtleties of emotional communication.

Use this resource as a catalyst to spark conversations that delve into the intricacies of feelings and facial expressions, creating an environment conducive to emotional exploration.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Facial Expressions: Included are a variety of blank faces and facial expressions thoughtfully crafted to represent a vast spectrum of emotions.
  • Interactive Cut and Paste: Inspire active participation by encouraging students to cut out various facial features and expressions, piecing together a vibrant mosaic of emotional expressions.

Pro Tip – Laminate the elements to create a durable resource that stands the test of time. This thoughtful addition ensures that the activity can be revisited and reused over time, maximizing its impact on emotional development.

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