Financial Maths | Calculating Wages and Salaries | Workbook | Exit Ticket


Financial Mathematics Lesson 1: Calculating Wages and Salaries

This resource includes:

  1. Lesson Plan in PowerPoint (Editable).
    Teacher type the expected learning outcomes/ standards
  2. Lesson in PowerPoint (Editable and clickable)
    Teacher follows the PowerPoint slides for the lesson procedure.
  3. Studentโ€™s workbook in two styles
  4. Exit Ticket in PowerPoint (Editable). Print the page after edited.
  5. Solutions

The workbook comes in 2 styles.

  • Style 1: Cover, fill in the blank notes, worksheets and Homework
  • Style 2: Cover, completed notes, worksheets and Homework

Total pages in each workbook: 16
Easy classroom preparation: Just print and staple all pages together to make a workbook.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner (Easy).

Grades: 9th to 12th

Learning Outcomes:

  • Calculate earnings from wages and salaries
  • Calculate earnings from wages for a various time of periods, given an hourly rate of pay.
  • Calculate weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly earnings

Skill Focus:

  • Calculating elapsed time
  • Rounding money to the nearest cent.
  • Converting income from one period to another.

File 1: Resource Description (pdf format)
File 2: Income Lesson (in PowerPoint, editable and clickable)
File 3: Workbook Style 1
File 4: Workbook Style 2
File 5: Answer Keys
File 6: Exit Tickets (in PowerPoint, editable)
File 7: Lesson plan (in PowerPoint, editable)

Also comply with Australian Curriculum:

  • Calculate weekly or monthly wage from an annual salary, wages from an hourly rate (ACMGM002)
  • Convert units of rates occurring in practical situations to solve problems (ACMEM015)


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