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⭐ Add some flair to your classroom décor with our Succulent Theme Flip Calendar! Perfect for all year levels, this resource is sure to bring excitement to your morning meeting area as your students change the pieces around each day.

Updated! With 10 years worth of dates included, you won’t need to worry about replacing this calendar anytime soon.

Bring some fun and functionality to your classroom routine.


⭐ Included:

  • Flip Chart style Calendar (to be used with a rail and 8 rings)
  • 10 years worth of dates!
  • Cover page example end product
  • Instructions and information page
  • PDF format


How to use: Instruction Page

This classroom calendar is designed to be used in 1 of 2 ways after laminating.

1. Cut out each of the components of the classroom calendar. Blu-tac the current day, month and year to the board. Using blu-tac, change the date as necessary.

2. Cut out each of the components of the classroom calendar. Hole punch the top of each component twice and loop these to a magnetic rod for the whiteboard. Change the date by flipping it to the correct date as necessary.



  • Use print selection to identify which pages you wish to print.
  • Print on white A4 paper, colour paper or cardstock.
  • Then cut, glue and laminate


Happy Teaching Friends!

PS. Thank you for supporting a teacher!

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