Goal Setting and Time Management for Adult ESL Students


This integrated reading and speaking resource is based on the topic of goal setting. It is designed for Intermediate level Adult ESL/EAL students. It can be used during back-to-school time, at the start of a new course, at new year. There is enough material for at least 3 lessons and as well as an in-depth look into goals, there is also material on overcoming, obstacles, dealing with distractions and time management.

Goal setting is an important and popular topic for Adult ESL classes. Most adult ESL students will come to class with a goal which is often something long term and not very specific such as “improve my English”, “Get a job” or “go to university” . But apart from attending a class they haven’t really thought about how they will get there.

This resource will help them break down their long-term goals into smaller more achievable goals that will help to keep them motivated.

Because adult ESL students often have other commitments such as part time work, or family responsibilities they face a lot of obstacles. This resource addresses those challenges to ensure the students success.

Topic related vocabulary, developing reading skills and lots of speaking/discussion opportunities are embedded in these lessons.

In this resource you will find 11 varied Activities that include:

  • 3 x reading texts and comprehension activities.
  • 4 x Vocabulary Activities
  • 5 x graphic organisers
  • Teachers’ notes
  • Answer keys

For more details of what’s included refer to the thumbnail for a list of contents.

Like all my resources, this lesson is designed specifically for adults. It incorporates language that adults will need to use and situations that are relevant to adult learners.

I put a lot of effort into creating and checking my resources. If you happen see an error/typo etc please let me know so that I can correct it. And if you loved the resource a review is much appreciated .

Slides print to A4 paper and language is UK/Australian English

Thank you for visiting my store.  If you are looking for lessons that are meaningful and relevant for adult students, you will find more lessons like this in my store as well as easier lessons for Adult ESL Beginners. ALL my resources are written for adults, there are no cute or childish illustrations or texts.

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