Grade 7 Differentiated Worksheets- Square Numbers and their Roots


Are you looking for PRINT & GO worksheets on SQUARE NUMBERS AND SQUARE ROOTS for Perfect and Imperfect Square Numbers? Then look no further! Also, you get a completely differentiated and digital (PDF) version! 
Includes an explanation of the concept of square numbers and finding root numbers. This is perfect to use as a teaching tool during the explicit phase of your lesson.
Contains practice questions for students to develop and enhance their understanding of the topic by completing fun matching activities.
The application section of the worksheet enhances and extends student understanding of square numbers by using authentic worded problems to solve.
Also, this worksheet provides explanation to approximating square roots of imperfect square numbers with corresponding extension questions.
Each page has been differentiated to ensure that every student in your class can be successful!
Fully aligned to VERSION 9 Australian Curriculum – Content Descriptor – Number describe the relationship between perfect square numbers and square roots, and use squares of numbers and square roots of perfect square numbers to solve problems (AC9M7N01)
Product Includes
  • Total of 6 PRINTABLE pages = 3 x pages at level and 3x pages of differentiated worksheets
  • Total of 6 DIGITAL pages = 3 x pages at level and 3 x pages of differentiated worksheets
  • ANSWERS included
  • Digital and printable version included – PDF

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