Greek Morphemes Morphology Worksheets


Explore Greek root origins morphemes with students to build reading skills and deepen their understanding of morphology. This morpheme activity pack is aligned with the Science of Reading principles and perfect to use for grade 5/6 students. In addition to building word skills, understanding morphemes as a linguistic unit is a key part of reading comprehension. Therefore, students who have a sound knowledge of morphology will have foundational skills to help them with reading, writing, and spelling. By using this resource, you will help boost your students’ confidence and knowledge in this important reading aspect.

This no-prep, printable morphemes worksheets contains the following:
  • 11 Greek combining morphemes word sums
  • Greek origin morphemes and their meaning
  • Sentences to read in context
  • Introduction to Greek etymology

The English language frequently uses Greek combining morphemes in words. Therefore, they make up many words we commonly use everyday. These linguistic units can be found at the start or the end of a root word. You can combine Greek word elements different forms to make longer words. This worksheet pack will guide students through using Greek combining morphemes with a root word to create words.

To support students in working independently, this worksheet pack contains a study page with examples and sentences. Students can use this to refer back to when working independently or in small groups. Therefore, this resource is ideal to use after explicit teaching of morphology or etymology in a reading lesson.

This resource contains a black-and-white version, or colour. All the worksheets are ready to print and require no preparation.  It is excellent for an independent activity to consolidate students’ understanding of morphology.

Here are some of the benefits to using this resource in your learning space:
  • Support reading skills by understanding morphology.
  • Build confidence in recognising prefixes and suffixes.
  • Introduce etymology by exploring common Greek root origins.
  • Scaffold spelling skills by using morphology word building.
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