GRIEF AND LOSS BROCHURE I Trauma-Informed Counselling


Our “Coping with Grief and Loss Together” is an insightful and compassionate brochure designed to support parents and caregivers in helping children cope with the complex emotions of grief and loss within a trauma-informed care framework. This resource is a valuable tool for fostering open conversations, nurturing emotional well-being, and guiding families through the challenging journey of healing.


  • Understanding Childhood Grief: Gain a deep understanding of how children experience and express grief, and how trauma can influence their responses. Explore the unique ways grief manifests in children’s lives.
  • Comforting Approaches: Discover sensitive and age-appropriate ways to support children as they navigate grief and loss. Learn to create a safe space where they can share their feelings, memories, and fears.
  • Building Resilience: Explore practical strategies for helping children develop resilience and emotional strength during times of grief. Find ways to empower children to cope and grow through their experiences.
  • Art of Communication: Learn effective communication techniques to engage in honest, compassionate, and open conversations about loss. Find ways to address children’s questions and concerns while fostering understanding.
  • Seeking Professional Help: Recognize signs that may indicate a child needs additional support and guidance. Understand the importance of seeking trauma-informed counseling to ensure the child’s well-being.
  • Encouraging Self-Care: Emphasize the significance of self-care for both children and caregivers. Learn how to model healthy coping strategies and create an environment of emotional support.
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