GRIEF AND LOSS Small Group Counselling Curriculum – 8 Sessions Elementary School


“Healing Hearts – Navigating Grief Together” is an interactive crafted, research-based, and ASCA-aligned 8-week small group counseling program designed for elementary school students. Founded in trauma-sensitive principles, this curriculum provides a supportive and engaging framework for students to explore, comprehend, and navigate the intricate facets of grief. Recognizing the importance of interactive, hands-on activities, each session is designed to create a comprehensive and compassionate space for elementary school students navigating the complexities of loss.


  1. Grief Exploration: Encourage open exploration and understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of grief, fostering self-awareness and emotional insights.
  2. Peer Support: Cultivate an environment where participants can share their experiences, providing and receiving support from their peers on a shared journey of healing.
  3. Coping Strategies: Equip participants with a toolkit of effective coping strategies, empowering them to navigate the emotional challenges associated with grief.
  4. Memory Celebration: Create meaningful opportunities for participants to celebrate positive memories of their loved ones, promoting a sense of connection and remembrance.
  5. Resilience Building: Facilitate activities that enhance resilience, helping participants build strength and adaptability in the face of loss and life’s challenges.
  6. Future-Forward Reflection: Encourage participants to reflect on their journey, fostering a positive outlook and providing tools for moving forward with resilience and hope.

This Grief and Loss Small Group Counseling Curriculum includes:

  • Note to Counselors
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Group Session Overview
  • ASCA Mindset and Behavior STANDARDS
  • Binder Cover Page & Spine Options
  • Teacher Nominations and Follow Up Forms
  • Parent/Guardian Letter and Consent Form
  • Group Planning Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Group Member Reminders
  • Group Attendance Record
  • Student Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Teacher Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Additional Data Collection
  • Confidentiality Sign
  • Passes – Hall, Class, Counselor, Social Worker & Psychologist
  • Student Desk Reminders
  • Counselor Chats Handout
  • Certificates

Below are the specific details for each individual session which can be used in isolation or as a comprehensive curriculum.


1.Welcome and Introduction: In this opening session, students are warmly welcomed to the group, fostering trust and setting clear expectations. Group-building exercises and interactive activities are employed to establish a supportive and collaborative environment.

2.Exploring Grief: Delving into the concept of grief, this session utilizes a grief collage reflection, allowing students to visually express and share their unique experiences, promoting understanding and empathy.

3.Stages of Grief: Participants are introduced to the fluid nature of the stages of grief, understanding its complexities. Interactive activities deepen comprehension and facilitate meaningful group discussions.

4.Exploring Emotions: Shifting the focus to identifying and managing emotions associated with grief, this session includes engaging activities such as emotion charades and discussion circles, enhancing emotional literacy and communication skills.

5.Caring for Yourself: Emphasizing the importance of self-care in the grieving process, this session equips students with strategies for emotional well-being. Activities include creating a personalized self-care toolbox and practicing mindfulness exercises.

6.My Grief Suitcase: Students examine their personal grief experiences and resilience, symbolically represented in a “Grief Suitcase.” This reflective session promotes self-awareness and understanding of individual coping mechanisms.

7.My Memory Jar: Crafting a Memory Jar becomes a poignant activity to honor positive memories and celebrate the lives of loved ones. Personal reflections are incorporated into this creative and meaningful exercise.

8.Termination and Review: The concluding session focuses on group reflection, expressing gratitude, and discussing future support. Students engage in activities that encourage thoughtful reflection on the group journey, fostering a sense of closure and individual goal-setting.

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