GRIEF AND LOSS SUITCASE – Coping with Death Grief Activities Counselling Lesson


“Your Grief Suitcase” is a comprehensive resource designed to help individuals navigate the challenging journey of coping with loss and begin the healing process. This resource provides a supportive framework, insightful activities, and reflection tools to support children understand and manage grief effectively.


  • Grief is Like a Suitcase: An introduction to the metaphor that grief can weigh you down, but with time and care, it can become lighter.
  • Learning to Cope and Pack Lighter: Strategies and activities to process grief, gradually making the emotional load more manageable.
  • Support and Healing: Guidance on seeking professional help, joining support groups, and sharing with others who understand.
  • Understanding Grief: Exploring what grief looks like and identifying personal grief experiences through interactive worksheets.
  • Emotional Check-In: Visual cards to help individuals express their feelings throughout their grief journey.
  • My Grief Box/Suitcase Craft Activity: A creative exercise to symbolize and externalize emotions related to grief.
  • Coping Strategies: Valuable techniques like self-care and talking about feelings to lighten the emotional burden.
  • Photo Memories: A space to cherish and honor memories of your loved one.
  • Reflective Questions: Thoughtful prompts for self-exploration and understanding your grief.
  • Scenario Question and Reflection Task Cards: 20 scenario-based cards to stimulate conversation and reflection on the grief experience.

“Your Grief Suitcase” is a compassionate resource that empowers individuals to embrace their grief journey, offering guidance, healing, and a path to emotional well-being.

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