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Are you ready to enhance your American Sign Language (ASL) journey? Delve into the vibrant world of ASL with “Sign and Thrive – My ASL Signs Dictionary: High-Frequency Words.” This resource is tailored to meet the needs of your budding learners, offering colorful depictions, written guidance, and invaluable insights to support their ASL proficiency.

This resource includes the following handouts:

  • What is ASL? Our “What is ASL?” page, provides a delightful introduction emphasizing the significance of American Sign Language (ASL). Ignite curiosity and set the stage for an engaging learning experience.
  • Guide to Optimal Learning Empower your child’s learning journey with practical tips and strategies in our “Guide to Optimal Learning.” From setting achievable goals to incorporating regular practice, this guide is designed to make ASL learning a joyful and effective process.


1.Pre-K: Lay the foundation for literacy with fundamental high-frequency words, creating a solid base for a lifelong love of language.

2.Kindergarten: Explore and reinforce vocabulary crucial for the early stages of reading and writing, making learning an interactive and enjoyable experience.

3.1st Grade: Expand language skills with a focus on high-frequency words tailored to the developmental needs of first-grade learners, fostering confidence in communication.

4.2nd Grade: Deepen the linguistic journey with a curated selection of high-frequency words suitable for second-grade comprehension and expression, promoting advanced language skills.

5.3rd Grade: Foster enhanced language skills by engaging with high-frequency words pertinent to the third-grade curriculum, encouraging a love for diverse vocabulary.

6.Nouns: Immerse in a world of objects, places, and people with a dedicated chapter on nouns. Enrich vocabulary and communication skills with vibrant visuals and clear guidance.

This is the perfect resource to make learning ASL a colorful, interactive, and enriching experience.

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