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⭐ Elevate student writing skills with this Seasonal School Holiday Recount Writing Prompt & Diagnostic Tracker – an engaging resource that combines fun visual prompts, a 2 Star and 1 Wish feedback model and progress tracking for all primary grades. As students return back to school after the holidays, this resource provides a valuable tool for teachers to inform and guide future writing lessons in preparation for assessment. Plus more!


⭐ Grade: All Primary Years (1-6)


⭐ School Holiday Recount Themes:

Northern & Southern Hemispheres

  1. Summer Holidays
  2. Autumn / Fall Holidays
  3. Winter Holidays
  4. Spring Holidays (x2) – Bonus Image prompt


⭐ Written Prompts:

Short and long versions:

  1. Write about an event during your school holidays.
  2. Write about the many events of your school holidays.


⭐ Writing Success Criteria:

In my writing, I need to show:

  1. Correct letter formation
  2. Neat handwriting
  3. Accurate use of capitals 
  4. Accurate use of punctuation 
  5. Accurate spelling/sounding out
  6. Simple/Compound/Complex sentence/s
  7. Varying sentence starters
  8. Uses noun groups
  9. Correct use of conjunctions
  10. Paragraphs separated
  11. Cohesive text: Flows when read



⭐ What Can this Resource Be Used for?

  • Pre-assessment of students’ writing abilities (Diagnostic)
  • Set clear writing goals for the term using the data
  • Inform planning for explicit teaching of specific writing skills that need improvement
  • Track students’ progress effectively throughout the year
  • Assist in writing report card comments based on student abilities
  • Provide constructive feedback using the “2 Stars & 1 Wish” model
  • Students self-checking their work
  • Guiding students in enhancing their writing skills


⭐⭐⭐ Whether it’s the start of a new school year or a fresh term, this resource can be a beneficial addition to the back-to-school toolkit for teachers.⭐⭐⭐



⭐ It Includes:

  • Short and longer writing task versions for different primary levels
  • 1 & 1.5 line-spacing options
  • Autumn & Fall terms included (American vs Australian/UK)
  • Poster/handout – Student writing checklist
  • 2 Diagnostic trackers with a comment section
  • Writing success criteria for essential writing skills
  • BONUS extra SPRING writing image prompt.


Additional Details:

⭐ In colour

⭐ PDF format

⭐ Printable

⭐ Project or display digitally


Happy Teaching Friends!

PS. Thank you for supporting a teacher!

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