IMPULSE CONTROL “Let’s Pause” Small Group Counselling Curriculum – MIDDLE SCHOOL


“Let’s Pause” is a comprehensive research based impulse control curriculum designed specifically for middle school students aged 11-14.

This dynamic program is thoughtfully developed to empower participants with essential skills for managing impulses, making thoughtful choices, and building emotional regulation. “Let’s Pause” provides a structured and nurturing curriculum where young learners can explore the world of impulse control through interactive activities and engaging discussions in a small group setting.

Comprising of 10 sessions, each session is designed to cater to the unique needs and developmental stages of middle school students:


Session 1: Welcome & Introduction to the Group

Session 2: What is Impulse Control?

Session 3: Our Remote Control – Pause/Think/Act

Session 4: Coping Skills and Strategies

Session 5: Perspective Taking

Session 6: Choices and Consequences

Session 7: Conflict Resolution

Session 8: Small, Medium & Big Problems

Session 9: In and Out of Your Control

Session 10: Termination and Review

The “Let’s Pause” Impulse Control Curriculum for middle school students is designed to foster self-awareness, promote emotional regulation, and build essential life skills, all while creating a supportive and engaging learning environment.

This Impulse Control “Let’s Pause” Small Group Counseling Curriculum includes:

  • Note to Counselors
  • Objectives & Goals
  • Group Session Overview
  • ASCA Mindset and Behavior STANDARDS
  • Binder Cover Page & Spine Options
  • Teacher Nominations and Follow Up Forms
  • Parent/Guardian Letter and Consent Form
  • Group Planning Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Group Member Reminders
  • Group Attendance Record
  • Student Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Teacher Pre & Post Outcome Measures
  • Additional Data Collection
  • Confidentiality Sign
  • Passes – Hall, Class, Counselor, Social Worker & Psychologist
  • Student Desk Reminders
  • Counselor Chats Handout
  • Certificates


Below are the specific details for each individual session which can be used in isolation or as a comprehensive anger management curriculum.

1.Session 1: Welcome & Introduction to the Group In this session, students are introduced to the purpose of the group, setting the stage for a journey of self-discovery and growth. Expectations for the sessions ahead are discussed, creating a sense of belonging.

2.Session 2: What is Impulse Control? Students delve into the concept of impulse control, understanding why it’s important and how it can positively impact their lives. This session lays the groundwork for the entire program.

3.Session 3: Our Remote Control – Pause/Think/Act Through interactive activities, participants learn the power of pausing before reacting impulsively. They explore the metaphor of a remote control for self-control and practice the essential skills of pausing, thinking, and acting mindfully.

4.Session 4: Coping Skills and Strategies Students are introduced to a toolkit of coping skills and strategies that empower them to navigate moments of impulsivity. These practical techniques equip participants to better handle challenging situations.

5.Session 5: Perspective Taking This session helps students develop empathy and perspective-taking abilities. Through activities and discussions, they learn to see situations from different viewpoints, enhancing their interpersonal skills.

6.Session 6: Choices and Consequences Participants explore the connection between choices and consequences, discovering that every action has an outcome. They gain insight into how making thoughtful choices can lead to positive results.

7.Session 7: Conflict Resolution In this interactive session, students learn constructive ways to resolve conflicts and disagreements. They practice communication skills that promote peaceful resolutions.

8.Session 8: Small, Medium and Big Problems differentiate between different levels of problems and explore appropriate ways to respond to each type. Through engaging activities and discussions, participants will develop essential impulse control skills and strategies to navigate various situations effectively.

9.Session 9: In and Out of Your Control Students explore the concept of control and responsibility in impulse control. They gain clarity on what they can control versus what is beyond their control, helping them make informed decisions.

10.Session 10: Termination and Review In the final session, students reflect on their journey through the “Let’s Pause” curriculum. They review key concepts and skills acquired, celebrating their growth and setting goals for continued impulse control success.

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