Inspirational Mental Health Wellbeing Posters Black and White Classroom Decor


Promote mental health & well-being in your classroom with these black-and-white posters. Create a positive and inspirational atmosphere for your students to feel safe, supported, and loved. Put these posters up on your wall or bulletin board to show your students that your class is safe, loves, and cared about, no matter what they are experiencing.

This poster set includes: 24 posters

The file is in PDF format.

Mental Health Well-Being Phrases

1. You are loved

2. You are enough

3. Tomorrow needs you

4. The Sun Will Come Out Again

5. Mental Health Matters

6. Mental Health is Health

7. Love Yourself

8. It’s Okay To Fall Apart Sometimes

9. Healing is Not Linear

10. Going to Therapy Is Cool

11. Make Yourself A Priority

12. Stop Doubting Yourself

13. Hard Times Do Not Last Forever

14. We Are All Broken That’s How the Light Gets In

15. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

16. You Are Stronger Than You Think

17. Self-Care Is Not Selfish

18. My Story Is Not Over

19. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

20. You Matter

21. Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

22. Remember That You Are Amazing

23. Life Is Tough But So Are You

24. Hold On Pain Ends

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