Latin Roots Morphemes Worksheets


Explore Latin roots morphemes with students to build reading skills and deepen their understanding of morphology. This morpheme activity pack is aligned with the Science of Reading principles and perfect to use for grade 5/6 students. In addition to building word skills, understanding morphemes as a linguistic unit is a key part of reading comprehension. Therefore, students who have a sound knowledge of morphology will have foundational skills to help them with reading, writing, and spelling. By using this resource, you will help boost your students’ confidence and knowledge in this important reading aspect.
This printable, no-prep morphology activity pack includes:
  • 10 different Latin roots
  • Prefix and suffix list
  • Word sum example
The English language frequently uses Latin roots morphemes in words. Therefore, they make up many words we commonly use everyday. Morphemes are the smallest linguistic unit when a word is broken into a root with a prefix and/or suffix, often with a Latin origin. This worksheet pack will guide students through using Latin morphemes with a root word, a prefix, and a suffix to create words. This task is perfect to use after explicitly teaching the class about morphemes and etymology, giving students the background knowledge to work through the page independently. 
This resource comes in black and white, colour, or a digital option, making it accessible to all learning styles in the classroom. 
Here are some ways you can use this task in your learning space:
  • Independent work after explicit instruction
  • Intervention work
  • The colour version as a classroom display
  • A homework assignment
  • An early finisher task
Here are some of the benefits to using this resource in your learning space:
  • Support reading skills by understanding morphology.
  • Build confidence in recognising prefixes and suffixes.
  • Introduce etymology by exploring common Latin roots.
  • Scaffold spelling skills by using morphology word building.
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