Lexicloud Bingo Series 2 Game 3

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LexiCloud Bingo Series 2 Game 3 (Hard)

This word Bingo game is aligned with the NSW English GPC Instructional Sequence, specifically focusing on sounds introduced in Term 1[D M O G C K CK]. It is designed to support children in consolidating their letter-sound knowledge, and segmenting and blending skills. These skills are important for reading, writing and spelling.

Players 2-5

An engaging resource for revision during school holidays, weekends or to use as an additional homework activity.

This resource could also be used in a classroom setting during literacy rotations or reading groups.

5 x LexiCloud Bingo Sheets
12 x Word Clouds
40 x Cloud Tokens

The Star System
The number of stars in the bottom left corner indicate the level of difficulty.
More stars = more difficult.
This product has a difficulty level of 4 stars.
There are 3 levels of difficulty available for purchase in Series 2.

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