LOGIC PUZZLES for Young Learners of English: LEVEL 1


These logic puzzles are an exciting and inspiring way for young learners of English to use their reading skills as they read clues to solve simple mysteries.
Benefits of These Logic Puzzles:
– Students can consolidate their understanding of foundational English sentence structures and have fun at the same time;
– Students can see direct evidence of their reading competency through each successful completion of a puzzle; and
– The challenging element inspires students to read more and more, as they move on to the next puzzle, and the next, and the next.
Target Language:
This level reviews sentences in the simple present and present continuous tenses.
Structures include:
1. He/She + is + adjective.
“She is cold.”
2. He/She + has + noun.
“He has a dog.”
3. He/She + likes + noun.
“She likes apples.”
4. He/She + plays/does/goes + sport.
“He plays soccer.”
5. He/She + wants + noun.
“She wants a doll.”
6. He/She + wants + to (verb).
“He wants to eat pizza.”
7. He/She + wants + to be + noun.
“She wants to be a teacher.”
8. He/She + can + verb.
“He can cook.”
9. He/She + is + at + location.
“She is at the park.”
10. He/She + is + from + country.
“She is from Canada.”
11. He/She + is + wearing + noun.
“He is wearing a cap.”
12. He/She + is + gerund + object.
“She is riding a bike.”
Goes well with:
These worksheets can be used with the PHONICS, READING, and WRITING worksheet packages at English Adventure for a more complete learning experience.
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