Motivational Classroom Posters – Food Puns


Are you looking for some adorable and fun motivational posters for your classroom decor?! Decorate your classroom this year with these adorable food pun posters!ย These no-prep printables use 33 different food puns to make your students smile and feel welcome in your classroom!

The following posters are included in this package:

  1. I love you from my head tomatoes
  2. You are one in a melon
  3. Nothing beets kindness
  4. Be a roll model
  5. Always fry your best
  6. Our class is a-peel-ing
  7. Concentrate please
  8. Together, this class is pearfect
  9. Don’t worry, just pea happy
  10. Donut give up
  11. We love to taco about learning
  12. School is cherry nice
  13. Lettuce always do our best
  14. A-Maize-ing minds at work
  15. That’s a nice pizza work
  16. We are a grape bunch
  17. I am soda delighted you’re in my class
  18. Hotdog, it’s going to be a great day
  19. Always do you very berry berry best
  20. This is souper great
  21. I am rooting for you
  22. This class has absolute zest attitude
  23. Everyday is mangonificent
  24. Just chill out
  25. Gourd vibes only
  26. My love goes onion on
  27. You broc my world
  28. There is so mushroom in my heart for you
  29. This class is spudtacular
  30. This class is fine apple
  31. You guac my world
  32. We are nuts about learning
  33. Learning is so egg-citing



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