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Pictorial Multiplication Cards: Jellybean Fun


These pictorial multiplication cards are designed to help students develop their multiplication skills in an engaging and interactive way. Each card features a number on the right side and a picture of a jar filled with jellybeans on the left side. The task is to count the number of jellybeans in the jar, multiply it by the number on the right, and calculate the total. To reinforce their understanding, students then select the correct answer by attaching a clothespin or peg to the corresponding option.


Jellybean Math: Each card showcases a captivating image of a jar filled with jellybeans, providing an enjoyable and relatable context for multiplication.

Multiplication Practice: Students practice basic multiplication by combining the number of jellybeans in the jar with the number on the right side of the card to find the product.

Multiple Choice Format: Students choose the correct answer from multiple options using a clothespin or peg, promoting active participation and solidifying their understanding.

Numerical Fluency Development: Through repeated engagement with the multiplication process and selecting the correct answer, students develop fluency in basic multiplication operations.

Versatile Learning Tool: These cards can be utilized in various educational settings, including classrooms, homeschooling environments, and tutoring sessions.


Visual Learning: The use of jellybeans in a jar as visual representations helps students grasp the concept of multiplication and aids in visualizing the process of combining quantities.

Hands-on Manipulation: The interactive element of counting jellybeans and using clothespins fosters tactile engagement, leading to improved comprehension and retention.

Immediate Feedback: By verifying their answer through the clothespin attachment, students receive immediate feedback, strengthening their confidence and understanding.

Engaging and Enjoyable: The colorful jellybeans and interactive nature of the activity make learning multiplication a delightful and motivating experience for students.

3 Recording Sheet Included: With a provided worksheet, students can select the cards, write their answers, and keep track of their progress.

These Pictorial Multiplication Cards provide an effective and enjoyable way for students to practice and reinforce their understanding of simple multiplication. With jellybeans in a jar as a relatable context and the interactive element of selecting the correct answer, students will develop a solid foundation in multiplication while experiencing the satisfaction of finding the correct product.

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