MY FAVORITE MEMORIES 3D FLOWER BOUQUET – Grief and Loss Counselling Craft Activity


In search of a sensitive and imaginative way to guide children through grief and remembrance? “My Favorite Memories Bouquet” is a compassionate counseling activity designed to honor the process of grieving while celebrating cherished memories. This resource delicately combines practical guidance, heartfelt storytelling, and a personalized craft, all focused on helping children navigate their feelings of grief and loss.


  • Practical Tip Sheet on Grief and Loss: A tip sheet offering actionable strategies for children to express their emotions and memories in healing ways, whether they’re at home, in school, or within the community.
  • Inspirational Memory Story: A moving narrative that gently illustrates the power of memories and the personal significance of the loved ones we hold dear, providing comfort and connection for young hearts.
  • “Favorite Memories Bouquet” Craft Activity: An activity where children create a unique bouquet, with each flower symbolizing a treasured memory of a lost loved one, aiding in the healing process through a creative and heartfelt expression.

“My Favorite Memories Bouquet” meets the crucial need for sensitive grief support. It’s an invaluable tool for school counselors and educators looking to introduce lessons on coping with loss, and parents who wish to support their children through difficult times. By incorporating this resource, you’re helping to nurture resilience and emotional understanding in children, allowing them to honor their feelings and the memories of those they miss.


  • Facilitates Emotional Expression
  • Provides comfort and connection
  • Supports Healing through Creativity
  • Aids Grief Education
  • Promotes Resilience and Understanding
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