Number Sense: More than or Less than


Number Sense Adventures: Balloon Bonanza


“Number Sense Adventures: Balloon Bonanza” is an engaging resource designed to help students develop their understanding of more than and less than mathematical symbols. The resource features task cards with number stories involving balloons, where students need to determine if the story is correct by counting the balloons and evaluating the value. Students use pegs to indicate their decision, placing them on a thumbs up symbol for correct number stories and thumbs down for incorrect ones.


Visual Representation: Each task card presents a number story accompanied by colorful balloon illustrations, making the concept relatable and visually appealing.

Comparative Thinking: Students practice understanding the concepts of more than and less than by analyzing the number of balloons in the story and comparing them to the given values.

Interactive Response: Students actively participate by attaching a peg to indicate their decision, fostering engagement and reinforcing their understanding.

Numerical Comprehension: Through repeated exposure to number stories and peg placement, students develop a solid grasp of numerical values and their relationships.

Versatility: This resource can be used in various educational settings, including classrooms, homeschooling environments, and tutoring sessions.


Conceptual Understanding: The resource supports students in developing a deep understanding of more than and less than mathematical symbols through hands-on activities and visual representations.

Interactive Learning: By actively responding to number stories with peg placement, students actively engage with the material, enhancing comprehension and retention.

Immediate Feedback: The thumbs up and thumbs down symbols provide instant feedback, allowing students to reflect on their understanding and make corrections.

Enjoyable Learning Experience: The interactive nature of the activity, combined with the fun balloon theme, ensures that students find the learning process enjoyable and motivating.

Tracking Progress: With included recording sheets, students can document their responses, track their progress, and reflect on their learning journey.

Number Sense Adventures: Balloon Bonanza” is a creative and effective resource that facilitates students’ understanding of more than and less than number stories. With engaging visuals, interactive peg placement, and immediate feedback, students will develop a strong foundation in number sense while enjoying the exciting adventure of balloon bonanza.

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