Phonics Worksheets for Young Learners: CVCe and Consonant Blends


Through pictures and matching & writing activities, these 64 worksheets introduce English phonemic awareness to young learners of the English language in a fun, progressive way. Answers included.
LEVELS 3 and 4 review: (See curriculum for details)
– Single letter consonant and vowel sounds
(cat, pen, exit, run); and
– 3 and 4-letter short vowel sound words
(bag, fox, lips, nest).
LEVELS 3 and 4 introduce: (See curriculum for details)
-Long Vowel Sounds “CVCe”
(name, like, rope, tune, etc.)
– Consonant Blends with h
(cheese, shop, thumb, white);
– S Blends
(sky, smile, spider, star, swim); and
– L & R Blends
(climb, cry, flag, frog, plant, princess).
Goes well with:
These worksheets can be used with the other PHONICS, READING, and WRITING worksheet packages for a more complete learning experience.
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