Poetry Writing UNIT BUNDLE | Poetic or Creative Texts Whole CURRICULUM BUNDLE!


Are you searching for resources to help your students learn how to write poetry? Then you should check out this Poetry Writing UNIT BUNDLE! It includes educational POWERPOINTS to help you teach your students all about the stages and styles of different types of poetry as well as ANCHOR CHARTS to help students remember the rules of various poetic texts! Use the poetry writing ACTIVITIES to keep your students engaged whilst also recoding their growth and learning through the numerous ASSESSMENT TEMPLATES provided to you in this BUNDLE!

✏️ Poetic Writing Rubric

✏️ Poetic Writing Conference Notes for 1 Student

✏️ Poetic Writing Conference Notes for 3 Students

✏️ Poetic Writing Conference Notes for 6 Students

✏️ Poetic Writing Conference Notes for 12 Students Boxed Template

✏️ Poetic Writing Conference Notes for 30 Students

✏️ Poetic Writing Sticky Note Observation Templates

✏️ Planning Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Revising Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Editing Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Publishing Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Writing Shape Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Writing Haiku Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Writing Acrostic Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Writing Kennings Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Writing Ode Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ Writing Limerick Poetry PowerPoint

✏️ 7 Poetic Writing Interactive Notebooks including Sample Poetic Texts

✏️ 20 Poetic Writing Topic Prompt Cards

✏️ 6 Writing Packs for 6 DIFFERENT Types of Poetry including Limerick Ode, Kennings, Haiku, Shape & Acrostic style poems

✏️ Ode Poetry Poster

✏️ Kennings Poetry Poster

✏️ Shape Poetry Poster

✏️ Haiku Poetry Poster

✏️ Limerick Poetry Poster

✏️ Acrostic Poetry Poster

✏️ 5 Poetic Writing Topic Ideas Posters

✏️ Poetic Writing Revision Checklist

✏️ Poetic Writing Editing Checklist

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