Prefix, Suffix & Roots Posters – Affix & Morphology Visuals for Making Words


Help students master morphology with these prefix, suffix and word roots posters and the accompanying reference sheet. A knowledge of affixes and their meanings is crucial for reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension.

These posters are perfect for displaying in the classroom so that students can refer to them and have them as visual prompts. Knowing how to spell and read affixes helps with spelling and reading whole words. Knowing what they mean helps with vocabulary and therefore comprehension.

64 posters plus blank ones, including..

  • 28 Prefix posters
  • 16 Word Root posters (with 20 roots included)
  • 20 Suffix posters
  • Each poster has the prefix or suffix, a definition of it, and four words to illustrate its use and meaning in real words

A reference sheet for student to refer to that has all 64 posters included on it in miniature form

The prefixes included are:

pre-, re-, mis-, over-, dis-, un-, non-, bi-, ex-, com-, in-, im-, con-, pro-, il-, ir-, sub-, inter-, auto-, anti-, super-, ad-, de-, ob-, per-, post-, tele-, trans-

The word roots included are:

ceed, cede, cess, duct, duce, flect, flex, form, press, rupt, ject, port, script, scribe, sist, spect, struct, tain, tend, tract, lev

The suffixes included are:

-ment, -ion, -able, -ly, -less, -ful, -ed, -ing, -s/-es, -est, -ness, -ous, -er, -ist, -ic, -en, -ive, -al, -ish, -y

The posters could be used:

  • to introduce students to each prefix or suffix at a time and then displayed on the classroom wall for future reference
  • the spare ones ones can be used to write any premises or suffixes on that you cover in your class that are not already included in this resource


The reference sheet could be used:

  • to refer to by students
  • they could be kept with students so they an access them easily


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