Prefixes Morphology Skills: Reading Passages and Study Guide


This Prefixes Reading Passages and Study Guide will support students in building their morphology skills. This resource is a comprehensive classroom activity focusing on the Science of Reading principles around morphology and understanding linguistic units.

Additionally, this activity features a study guide with concise explanations about prefixes, as well as a word sum page to practice forming prefixes. Even better, this resource is ready to print and easily implemented in any learning space!

This resource contains SEVEN prefix reading passages, including the following prefixes:
  • RE
  • UN
  • PRE
  • DIS
  • IM
  • NON
  • MIS

Each of these seven reading passages focuses on an individual prefix commonly used in English. The consistent structure of the reading passages will allow students to build confidence in reading and identifying prefixes. In turn, this will help students to expand their vocabulary.

These printable resources require no preparation to use in a classroom. The prefixes worksheet pack is the perfect tool to enhance students’ knowledge of prefixes and their meanings. Furthermore, this activity is aligned with the Science of Reading principles. Each passage enhances students’ understanding of morphology by exploring word units in context. Even better, there is an opportunity for students to practice word sums and practice using two linguistic units together to create a new word.

This resource is ideal for students in grades 4-6. The reading passages aim to support understanding of prefixes and build comprehension. Each passage page has an independent activity for students to consolidate what prefixes they have read and what they mean.

With each worksheet, students can be confident with reading prefixes in context. 

After you’ve taught your class about prefixes, students can complete this worksheet independently. This prefix activity pack is no-prep and easy to print, offering you a quick and effortless activity that will engage your students. It is designed for students to work independently at their own pace and includes a study guide to refer back to.

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