Printable Math PLACE VALUE Games


These printable Maths games help students to read and write numbers, and understand their value. Playing teaches and reinforces students’ concepts and number sense. The variety of numerous boards allows teachers to differentiate and cater for all abilities.

These games are suitable for Maths stations, revision, homeschooling and assessment. As these are dice games, students also become aware of the “chance” or “probability” of their decisions.

What’s included?

There are 20 games boards: same game rules:

  • 4 boards for 2 digit numbers
  • 4 boards for 3 digit numbers
  • 4 boards for 4 digit numbers
  • 4 boards for 5 digit numbers
  • 4 boards for 6 digit numbers
  • certificates for game winners
  • a writing task to record the game and progress


HOW TO PLAY GAMES As this is a dice game, it also makes students aware of the “chance” or “odds” of their decisions. This game makes perfect way students think about the value of the place, because they have to choose where to write numbers.

There are a variety of boards catering from tens up to 100 000, so as students gain understanding and expertise, they can increase the difficulty.

It is a good idea to insist the players read the numbers they have created to make sure they fully understand the columns, numbers etc. It is good practice, reading numbers, especially large ones.

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