Punctuation Quiz – Comma Usage – Interactive PowerPoint with Scoring Sheet


Punctuation Quiz – Comma Usage – Interactive PowerPoint Resource

This interactive quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions that focus on comma usage in the following types of situations:

•When separating independent clauses

•When separating listed items

•When using commas with parenthesis

•When using commas with question tags

•When using commas with professional titles

•When using commas before the adverb, “too”

•When using commas with interrupters and parenthetical elements

•When using commas with quotation marks

•When using month/day/year formats to write dates

•When it is optional to use commas in multiple ways

There are two versions of this quiz – One for individual student use and one that can be used with a whole class of students. An interactive (and printable) scoring sheet is included and pages that display correct answers (and additional information) are built into both versions of the quiz. Instructions on how to use both versions of the quiz are also included.

Extra Information:

*This resource comes in a zip folder, and it will need to be saved onto your computer after you download it to access and open all of the files.

*Both versions of the quiz are “read only” powerpoint files that can’t be edited, as some of the included images need to be protected for copyright purposes. Changes to the quizzes will also impact their interactive settings and prevent them from working properly.

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