Reading Worksheets for Young Learners: Sentence and Question Patterns


These 120 reading worksheets have students focus on one particular grammar target at a time in affirmative, negative, and question patterns. Different vocabulary is substituted into the target sentence so the student can witness firsthand the rules of English in action by seeing how parts of the sentence change.
LEVEL 3 Targets: (See curriculum for details)
Adjectives and singular/plural nouns.
“A brown bike. Blue robots. Big eyes.”
Simple Present with verb have.
“I have a long pencil. She has black hair.”
Expressing Existence with There is/are…
“There is a hill. There are two cats. There are nine red strawberries.”
Pronouns and BE verb am, is, are + location.
“I am in the living room. She is in the bathroom. They are in the kitchen.”
Prepositions (1) on, under, by, in.
“The woman is under the bridge. The birds are on the fence.”
Prepositions (2) in front of, behind, next to.
“The boy is behind the wall. The cone is next to the chair.”
Possessive Adjectives my, your, his, her, their.
“My brother. Your mother. His name. Her name. Their names.”
Simple Present with verb like + noun / infinitive.
“My sister likes cake. I like to play soccer. She likes to do karate.”
“It’s one o’clock. It’s three o’clock. It’s twelve o’clock.”
Present Continuous.
“I’m doing my homework. Tim is cleaning his room.”
Simple Present with verb want.
“I want to play tennis. He wants to go swimming.”
Sequence Adverbs first, next.
“First, my mother wants to go to the movies. Next she wants to…”
LEVEL 4 Targets: (See curriculum for details)
Expressing Existence with There is/are + WITH / GERUND.
“There is a girl with big eyes and long, brown hair.”
“There are two birds sitting on the fence.”
“How many boys are there? How many flowers are there?
Simple Present Tense: work-related verbs.
“He bakes bread. She helps sick people.”
Simple Present with verb want + to be / to do.
“I want to be a pilot. He wants to drive a truck.”
Simple Present Tense: weekly routine-related verbs.
“I brush my teeth every day. He plays table tennis on Wednesday.”
Simple Past Tense with regular verbs.
“My friends watched TV last Sunday. I cleaned my room today.”
Simple Present with verb like + gerund + object.
“My sister likes eating potato chips. The men like playing baseball.”
Countable and Non-Countable Nouns with a, some & any.
“I want an orange. He wants some apples. They want some cheese.”
“I don’t want an apple. She doesn’t want any grapes.”
Future tense with modal will.
“I want to go to Canada. I will go there in March.”
“On Sunday we will go shopping. We will get a telescope.”
“My birthday is on Thursday. I’ll be eight.”
“I will not get a watch. She will not go to the UK.”
Simple Past Tense with irregular verbs.
“Sally went to the movies on Wednesday. She saw a movie.”
“Rin went to the park with Minami yesterday. They ate some hotdogs.”
“We did not eat any grapes. He did not do his homework.”
“We didn’t go to the library. My brother didn’t see a shark.”
Goes well with:
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