Reading Worksheets for Young Learners: Words and Simple Sentences


These 120 fun reading worksheets have students focus on one particular grammar target at a time in affirmative, negative, and question patterns. Different vocabulary is substituted into the target sentence so the student can witness firsthand the rules of English in action by seeing how parts of the sentence change.
LEVEL 1 Introduces: (See curriculum for details)
Article usage. “A cat. An orange cat.”
Adjective and noun order. “A happy pig. A short pencil.”
Singular and plural noun forms. “One cat. Three pencils. Five cups.”
Modal verb can usage. “I can walk. I can run.”
Pronouns and BE verb is. “She is a girl. He is a boy. It is a dog. It is sunny.”
The position of BE verb in questions. “Is it sunny? Is he a boy?”
BE Verb am. “I am hot. I am cold.”
The use of no and not to make negative sentences. “It is not sunny. I am not hot.”
LEVEL 2 Introduces: (See curriculum for details)
Prepositions in, on. “A fox is in a box. A cat is on a mat.”
Simple Present with verbs have & like. “I have a robot. I like grapes.”
Use of do / does in questions. “Do you have a key? Does he have a bag?”
Present Continuous & BE verb are. “A boy is walking. Two frogs are sitting.”
Negative modal can. “It cannot fly. They cannot run.”
Negative Verbs. “I do not like spiders. He does not have a ball.”
Goes well with:
These worksheets can be used with the other READING, PHONICS, and WRITING worksheet packages for a more complete learning experience.
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