Right Triangle Trigonometry Workbook | True Bearings


Right Triangle Trigonometry Workbook – TRUE BEARINGS

Scaffolded notes + worksheets + step-by-step solutions + teacher notes + mini folded notes to learn and practise:

  • Identify and write the true bearings of a location.
  • Draw the true bearings of a location.
  • Solve a variety of trigonometry problems involving bearings (critical and creative thinking).


There are two styles of workbook.

– Style 1: Cover, fill in the blank notes and worksheets

– Style 2: Cover, completed (filled) notes and worksheets

Total pages in each workbook: 12


Easy classroom preparation:

For the workbook: print and staple all pages together to make a book.

For the mini folded notes: print, fold and glue the pages to make a mini notebook.

Teacher notes displayed on whiteboards.


Grades: 9th to 12th


Comply with Australian Curriculum:

  • Apply trigonometry to solve right-angled triangle problems (ACMMG224).
  • Solve right-angled triangle problems including those involving direction and angles of elevation and depression (ACMMG245).
  • Solve problems involving bearings. (ACMEM120).
  • Solve practical problems involving the trigonometry of right-angled and non-right-angled triangles, including problems involving angles of elevation and depression and the use of bearings in navigation. (ACMGM037).

Right Triangle Trigonometry Workbook | Angles Elevation & Depression

Right Triangle Trigonometry | SOH CAH TOA Posters & Cards

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