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⭐ Need a fun and creative School Holiday Recount Writing Outline for the Back to School season? An engaging resource that combines a fun visual (sunglasses) with an easy-to-complete drawing and writing task that can be used as a valuable tool for teachers to inform and guide future writing lessons in preparation for the semester, term or year ahead.


⭐ Grade: All Primary Years (1-6)


⭐ School Holiday Recount:

Students write about 1 or 2 major events and draw a small scene from the perspective of their eye line, within the sunglass lenses.

⭐ Written Prompt:

Task: Write and draw up to 2 events from your holidays.

Options for Use:

Simple Option 1: 6 print & Go border options of the activity.

  • Pages 3-8: Complete as a whole, printed on white paper.

Writing/craft Option 2: Split between colour and white paper (6 border options)

  • Pages 9-14: Sunglasses in black, grey and 4 colours!
  • Pages 15-19: Or for a different look, print the writing template onto colour paper and the sunglasses separately onto white paper. Draw, colour, cut and glue them onto the template.

Art Option 3: A single page with sunglasses for students to draw their own faces around and then draw their event/s on the lenses.

  • Page 20: An art task single page with sunglasses (no border)



⭐ What Can this Resource Be Used for?

  • Pre-assessment of students’ writing abilities (Diagnostic)
  • Set clear writing goals for the term using the writing sample
  • Inform planning for explicit teaching of specific writing skills that need improvement
  • A bit of writing fun!

⭐⭐⭐ Whether it’s the start of a new school year or a fresh term, this resource can be a beneficial addition to the back-to-school toolkit for teachers.⭐⭐⭐



Additional Details:

⭐ In colour

⭐ PDF format

⭐ Printable

⭐ Project or display digitally

⭐ 6 border options of the activity

⭐ 4 colour sunglass options, plus black & grey

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