school then and now lesson


school then and now lesson – A PowerPoint lesson on the history of schools. Covers a variety of topics that will keep students engaged. Photographs of real historical images included. 134 slides. For grades 1 and 2.

school then and now lesson includes;

  • Learning intentions and success criteria to make the lesson objectives clearer for you and your students
  • Then and now topic comparisons – attendance, appearance, teachers, rules, activities, playgrounds, transport, uniforms, writing, lunches, heating and cooling, discussion topics and check for understanding questions.
  • Photographs are included.
  • An engaging lesson that can be covered in one individual lesson or carried over for a few weeks (for further depth).
  • Play lesson in slide show mode.
  • When you press the mouse or enter key in the checking for understanding section, answers will appear. You can provide time for students to write the answers onto whiteboards first and then press the mouse button.
  • 134 slides in total (cover pages included)
  • Follow this lesson with the worksheet pack created and can link to many writing topics!
  • Designed for Grade 1 and 2 students


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