SELF CARE LESSON – Tea Time for Self Care – Counseling Activity, Lesson & Craft

In our “Tea Time for Self Care” counseling lesson, school counselors aim to educate children on the significance of self-care, its benefits, and methods for incorporating self-care practices into their daily routines. The lesson is structured to blend educational content with creative activities, fostering an environment where children can express themselves and learn in a hands-on manner.


  • SELF-CARE TIP SHEET – A tip sheet about self-care, detailing definitions, examples, and benefits.
  • CREATIVE VISUALISATION – A creative visualization to help children envision themselves engaging in self-care.
  • REFLECTION AND DISCUSSION CARDS – Reflection and discussion cards to facilitate conversation about self-care practices.
  • SELF-CARE STRATEGY CARDS – Self-care strategy cards, including blank cards for children to create their own personalized strategies.
  • TEA CUP AND TEAPOT CRAFT TEMPLATES – Tea cup and teapot craft templates, allowing children to express their self-care practices creatively.
  • END OF LESSON REFLECTION QUESTIONS – End of lesson reflection questions to encourage children to internalize and plan how to incorporate self-care into their daily routines.

Upon completing the “Tea Time for Self Care” session, children will have gained not only a deeper understanding of self-care but also practical and enjoyable strategies to implement it in their everyday lives.

The combination of informative resources and creative expression ensures that each child leaves with a personalized approach to self-care, symbolized by their unique tea cup and teapot crafts. As they carry forward the self-care tips and strategies they learn through the lesson, students will feel empowered to take time for themselves, nurturing their mental and physical well-being with the same care and attention that goes into a comforting cup of tea. This lesson is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-care and personal growth.

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